Who Are We?

We are LGBT Studies 642: The Capstone in LGBT Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Some of our classroom discussions have left us perplexed: Why are the “B” (bisexual) and “A” (asexual) often marginalized in mainstream conversations (and academic discourse) regarding sexuality and queerness? In the spirit of collectively addressing this situation, we have decided to build a website to provide a public forum to continue this discussion. The explicit purpose of this website is to complicate mainstream understandings of who or what is queer. Moreover, we have limited the discussion to two sexual landscapes that we felt were most frequently left out of our varied academic backgrounds: bisexuality and asexuality.

This website will be an open forum. We hope our posts will generate discussions online that will translate into conversations with those in our daily lives as well as your own.

We are academics and queer theorists. In that, we understand that sometimes we use language in a way that does not fit popular definitions or understandings. Ask for clarification. Be explicit in how you use terms.

Please join the conversation, your ideas, and critiques are important to the success of this dialogue. Please be respectful and avoid hateful or phobic language when you contribute. Also, please note that we will not hesitate to remove posts that are attacking and/or offensive.

Not sure what this all means? No worries. We are all on different paths hoping to find our way; our goal is to find questions and answers that reflect who we are, what we may become, and will, perhaps, help you find your way.

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